Over the past 15 years, Zencorp has focused on the timely completion of quality duplex projects. We are especially passionate about creating beautiful homes that you and your tenants or homebuyers will want to live in. 

Aside from achieving your vision of a gorgeous property, we also work towards providing you with positive cash flow and equity through the high-quality and cost-efficient duplexes that we construct. Building faster and offering better value than any duplex builder, this is the promise of our Zen approach.

Zencorp’s Duplexes Puts you Ahead of the Game

Specialist knowledge and experience allow us to build quality and cost-efficient duplexes. We also leverage the complementary construction arms of roofing and fit-out businesses to increase our construction speed and provide better value for money. Without this competitive advantage, many other duplex builders are unable to match our efficiency.

We specialise in and work with you to:

  • Maximise the value of your land and find its best use
  • Minimise costs through our extensive value engineering best practices
  • Create amazing value for money to maximise your rental income
  • For a heavily discounted fee, we can give you a detailed site evaluation of what you can build on a prospective site before you buy

It is important to note that building a duplex is not as straightforward as building a single detached house. This can be due to strict council regulations, town planning, and red tape that may come into play. 

This is where we come in. With a steady and guiding hand, we take you step by step into building your duplex. We will navigate through the process and the issues that may arise each step of the way, from planning through to handing you the keys of your finished vision.

The Zencorp Duplex Building Process


This is the beginning of your journey with us. Our specialists are all about understanding your needs so that we can deliver the right solution to you. With a Zencorp consultant, you will go through the many factors in building your duplex which may include:

  • Lot size and orientation
  • Lot zoning requirements
  • On-site parking requirements
  • Duplex size
  • Potential impact on neighbouring properties
  • Quality of inclusions
  • Budget
  • Schedule

Apart from understanding your vision, this stage will help your Zencorp design consultant assess your requirements relative to the requirements of your local council for building duplexes. After confirming that duplex construction is indeed feasible in your land, we proceed to the next step.

Preliminary Design

Before any work on the concept design is started, a Zencorp site inspector will first visit your area and do a preliminary site inspection. A report will be prepared and shall include determination of the terrain and site elevation and levelling. It will also identify any potential constraints associated with building a duplex on your land.

Our in-house design team will then prepare a concept design based on the site inspection report and in consideration of relevant development controls and your desired outcome.

The concept design will be submitted to the Zencorp estimating department for the preparation of a tender.

Building Tender

A Zencorp consultant will then arrange a meeting with you so you can go through the tender and concept design together.

You can provide input on the tender inclusions and pricing. This exciting stage will allow you to envision your duplex. You can review and discuss the concept design against your vision and ideas. 

Once you are happy with the design and the pricing, you can sign the tender.

Contract Signing

After you have signed the tender, we will then prepare the building contract based on the HIA standard contract. The contract shall cover key information such as the maximum construction completion date, turnkey handover, a structural warranty, among many others.

Development Application

The development application will commence after you have reviewed and signed the building contract. Apart from the architectural plans, we shall also prepare the following reports and plans in submitting the development application to Council:

  • ABSA assessment report
  • Site analysis report
  • Shadow diagram
  • BASIX report
  • Schedule of external finishes
  • Construction traffic management plan (CTMP)
  • Concept landscape plan
  • Statement of environmental effects
  • Stormwater concept plan
  • Soil and water management plan
  • Erosion and sediment control plan
  • Tree survey
  • Waste management plan

We will keep an eye on the application until a determination has been made. Rest assured that Zencorp will always be available should Council require any additional information during their assessment.


When approval has been made, official construction begins. From laying the concrete slabs through completing the interior through our fit-out arm, a dedicated personnel will be in constant touch with you and shall take care of all aspects of the build. We will update you regularly so you are assured that the project is on track.

Our long-standing industry relationships, experience with regulations, and various construction experiences will keep you in Zen mode all throughout the construction. Call us now and let us build your future duplex together.

Why Build a Duplex?

With a rapidly changing and growing population, NSW is seeing an increased number of people living alone or with their partners. People’s needs are also evolving to suit their lifestyles as apparent in the size, configuration, cost, and location of housing that they are choosing.

As such, there is a growing demand for varied housing options that address the unique needs of households today and in the future.

To fill this demand, the NSW Government has stepped in to provide more housing diversity and create liveable and desirable communities through the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code. The code allows well-designed dual occupancies, manor houses, and terraces (up to two storeys) to be built under an accelerated pathway of development approval.

It is no secret that duplexes are some of the real estate market’s greatest income earners. For a much lower price than two detached houses in the same location, a duplex maximizes your rent and value growth. In fact, it has all the benefits of two detached houses at roughly half the price. This makes duplexes an especially sensible choice for first-time home buyers.

On the other hand, property investors benefit from a duplex’s two rental incomes compared to a single income from a detached home. Initial investment for land and building costs are also significantly lower for a duplex as it effectively requires less land compared to two separate houses.

With an ever competitive real estate market, duplexes are poised to become more popular than ever. And with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment wanting more infill development, the passing of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code makes building your duplex a lot easier. 

Moving forward, it can be worthwhile to look into duplexes as investments with high potential returns. Give us a call and we will crunch the numbers for you.