Zencorp has always been passionate about creating beautiful homes that homeowners and tenants would enjoy living in. Leverage our experienced team of townhouse builders and consultants to get accurate advice and to get your project built in budget and on time.

Aside from achieving your vision of a desirable and profitable development, we can assist you with your feasibility, cash flow projections, and equity predictions to help you get the most value out of your project, so it is a smart move to talk to us at an early stage.

We maintain cost-efficiency of our townhouse projects using value engineering and by tapping into the expertise of our fit-out and roofing arms. Coupled with professional project management, you can expect speed with uncompromised quality like no other project home builder.

Constructing your dream townhouse faster and better, this is the promise of our Zen approach. 

Let Zencorp Build your Townhouse

In many projects, we often see the disconnect between the vision and the final output. By not getting the right input at the right time, you risk compromising on a holistic design outcome. 

Fortunately, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Through the Zen approach, your townhouse project will go through a value engineering process with our experienced townhouse design team. They shall create ideal townhouses suitable for the size and shape of the land and at the same time think about your project holistically. 

Your financial objectives will be considered to ensure a good return on your investment. And with early contractor and consultant involvement, you will get the best result that others won’t get you.

The Zen Value Engineering Process

It goes without saying that decisions made early in the design process are easily implemented. The later you leave them out, the more challenging and costly they become.

Without compromising on quality, we create true cost savings by implementing proper collaboration between the design team and contractors, tradesmen and consultants, from the beginning of a project. Doing this allows us to build smarter by finding and resolving issues quickly. This also allows us to engineer value into your project at no extra cost.

This collaborative approach makes us agile to innovate and embed sustainability into a new construction. Having an in-house design team, skilled specialists, and early contractor/tradesmen involvement means that we are able to deliver you superiorly holistic townhouse development projects that yield:

  • Lower lifetime energy costs 
  • Lower building maintenance costs
  • Lifetime adaptability
  • Marketability
  • Livability 
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Longevity and durability

Because we do both design and construction, we are able to coordinate the input of our engineers, specialist consultants, and the contractors consulting on the practicalities of townhouse development project. The design team is interconnected from the building delivery, and the contractors are involved in the design process. 

All stakeholders are kept in the loop throughout the process and no information gets lost in transit. This efficient and collaborative approach is our formula for success.

Fixed Price – Townhouse Development

With our Master Builder Association building contract, we offer fixed prices to insulate you from any potential cost blowouts. And because you know the price even before you commit to the project, you can relax in zen mode knowing that there will be no nasty surprises due to sudden changes in costs and timelines. In the rare case that the project does go over the budget, you will absorb virtually no cost at all.

Our highly trained team will assist you with all the  required documentation and permits. They will also ensure that all relevant town planning requirements comply with architectural working drawings and building permit conditions. Everything will be taken care of because at Zencorp Construction, we are serious about taking the stress out of construction.

So are you ready to start your own journey with one of Australia’s best townhouse builders? Call Zencorp now!

Townhouses and the Real Estate Market

The proportion of family households has been declining, according to the ABS. Families used to make up 77% of Australia’s homes in the mid-80s. Recently, the number of single-person households has been increasing, and with this change in family structures, there is less of a need for bigger homes and backyards. 

With the changing population demographics, townhouses are offering a better alternative. The efficient use of land keeps the cost of building a townhouse lower than building a house. They are ideal for the “lock up and leave” lifestyle which is especially attractive to young families or professional couples as they also require less maintenance.

Townhouses can result in high rental yields especially in good locations. Per m2 pricing relative to constructions costs can be more profitable than in units, too. As they are attracting the attention of many buyers and tenants, perhaps townhouses can be your next lucrative investment. Talk to us and we will help you crunch the numbers.

Bridging the Gap in the Demand

In a recent speech, RBA Deputy Governor Guy Debelle noted that demand for properties will continue to grow given the population growth. Yet, according to him, there is going to be a shortfall in property supply in the foreseeable future.

Through the implementation of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, the NSW government is making it easier for homeowners and developers to fill the demand for more diversity in low rise housing. The code allows well-designed dual occupancies, manor houses, and terraces (up to two storeys) to be built under a complying development approval that is fast-tracked.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that district authorities are tightening up regulations relating to the environmental sustainability of housing projects. We will certainly see these initiatives roll into state and federal regulations. As such, developers and building owners will need specialist knowledge from the outset of a project.

With a gap in townhouse supply, a demand for diversity in low rise housing, and historically low interest rates, now is a perfect time to start building your dream townhouse. For a quality and sustainable project, it is best to partner with skilled specialists such as Zencorp as we will consider the entirety of your development’s life cycle. Call us now to get started.