Commercial refurbishments

Where Construction and Fitout come together

Although refurbishments are relatively smaller in scale, we know they can be just as complex as other construction projects. For that reason, Zencorp brings together specialist resources from both our construction and fit-out arms to handle refurbishments of any scale.

By understanding the full scope and expectations of your refurbishment, we form the ideal team to make it happen as efficiently as possible. As refurbishment works are often delivered in active working environments, we also work towards minimizing disruption to your normal operations so you can be in Zen mode all throughout the build.

The Need to Refurbish…

There are plenty of reasons to do a refurbishment. For one, they can breathe new life to older spaces and revitalise a building’s purpose. You can retrofit a building to make more room or to make it more energy-efficient. You can also revamp a space impacted by wear and tear and make it safer for its occupants.  

Refurbishments can vary dramatically in scale and scope. Some projects are largely external or structural, while others are internal and can largely focus on the aesthetics. They can be a combination of both, too. 

Commercial refurbishments cover a lot of areas. Each is unique especially when viewed in a local context. The correct approach to commercial refurbishment should therefore be assessed with your unique set of conditions in mind.

Office Refurbishment

Office spaces must provide the best environment for employees. This can mean letting in more natural light or providing better ventilation. With innovative designs and high quality materials, quality refurbishment can completely transform the look and functionality of your office space so that your staff can feel motivated and productive throughout the working day.

Retail Refurbishment

Many retail refurbishments aim to increase floor space due to the expanding needs of the business. Refurbishments that involve modernizing the look of a space can enhance a store’s branding and allow it to be in step with competition. Ultimately, the goal of retail refurbishment should be to translate to better customer engagement and increased revenues.

Restaurant Refurbishment

In the restaurant space, refurbishment is a predictable expense that should be done every few years. Doing so keeps your patrons engaged by providing them with an overall great dining experience.

From adding partitions, to opening a space up, to changing flooring and furniture, hiring experienced contractors to do your refurbishment is necessary to help translate your vision to reality.

Why Choose Zencorp?

Since 2005, Zencorp has been delivering refurbishment projects for customers across NSW through our construction and fit-out arms. Our focus is on delivering quality refurbishment projects in the residential, office, and commercial sectors whether you are a building owner or an occupier. 

Unlike fit-outs where there is more flexibility in terms of fluffing a new space, existing architecture can provide certain restrictions during refurbishments. For instance, the internal architecture might limit how the space can be used with all the data cables that could be running through the space.

Restrictions can also affect how works are done. If, for instance, an office space is occupied by tenants, refurbishments may only be carried out outside of office hours.

While this may all seem problematic, restrictions aren’t something Zencorp shies away from. We always make it a point to discuss them with you so we can together come up with suitable solutions whatever your situation may be. Our skilled team also seeks to know the uses of your existing building as well as other important aspects before we proceed with a refurbishment. 

If it is a heritage site, trust that Zencorp is up to the challenge of maintaining your building’s cultural legacy. By putting effort into understanding your requirements, we are then able to deliver economical and tailored solutions. 

Zencorp is ready to build what others may hesitate to do. Much like servicing your car, we can come up with refurbishment schedules for all your building assets to ensure that you are able to maximize the value of your building or even extend its life span.

Our reputation lies in our efficient delivery and value-adding work. As a testament to what we do, here are some commercial fit-out/refurbishment projects we are proud to have completed to date:

  • Uniting Hawkesbury Village
  • Edmondson Park Residential
  • Snap Fitness Cameron Park
  • Workbee North Sydney
  • Animal Referral Hospital, Pialligo

As we communicate with you from the initial phase to the end of the refurbishment, all you have to do is relax. It is time to breathe new life into your old space, call us now for your quality refurbishment.