Zencorp Internal Fit-outs

Whether it is for a home, a development, or a commercial enterprise, the internal fit-out is what completes a space. Good materials and the right design ultimately spell the difference between a regular room and an exquisite space.

Zencorp exists to take the stress out of construction to build interior fit-outs that are specifically catered to your needs. We can also assist you with smaller refurbishments and alterations such as transforming your space into an open plan layout.

Don’t you just hate it when you are quoted a certain amount for a job only for you to end up spending more money than you anticipated? At Zencorp, our estimation and design team allows us to provide accurate costing. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you have the right and real construction price with no big and nasty surprises! The design developed in-house comes with a basic draft and a 3D render to bring your vision to life and help you imagine your space at its full potential.

As we work towards your vision, we will advise, offer innovative solutions, and assign a relevant team for your interior fit-out project.

Speed Value for Money Relationships
Our skilled team of specialists and tradesmen work hard to deliver the project on time. Quality interior fit-out solutions are now within your budget at Zencorp. Your trust is valuable to us. With clear, documented and regular communication, you can be in Zen mode as we build.

Our Interior Fit-out Process

Over the years, we have seen the importance of providing end-to-end service to guarantee complete satisfaction over an interior fit-out installation. 

Everyone has distinct tastes when it comes to choosing an interior. With that in mind, our in-house designer will help bring your vision to life and provide solutions that are specifically catered to your needs – whether it is a living, an office, or a commercial space. An in-house Health and Safety Officer will also perform all the necessary audits and supply the control measures to promote a safe working environment for everyone, especially with the threat of COVID-19. You can be assured that all team members assigned to your project have the required licenses, training, and certifications to be able to do their tasks efficiently and safely.


To make sure everyone is on the same page, we always start our fit-out process with thorough planning. This involves sitting down with you in order to fully understand your vision. During this meeting, we shall go over your requirements, design, schedule, and budget. As they say, do it once and do it right.


A great fit-out is more than just a nice sofa or a new carpet. It is about striking the right balance between design and functionality. With an understanding of your business, preferences, and budget, our in-house designers can help you imagine the space through a draft and a 3D render – all free on obligation!

Project Management

With transparency and collaboration in mind, a designated project manager will make sure that the project runs smoothly. You will have the peace of mind to go about your normal business as we look after the entire project.


Our skilled tradesmen have a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will be confident that the interior fit-out project is accomplished to the highest standard.

Some fit-out/refurbishment projects

We are proud to have completed include:

  • Uniting Hawkesbury Village
  • Edmondson Park Residential
  • Snap Fitness Cameron Park
  • Workbee North Sydney
  • Animal Referral Hospital, Pialligo

As a fit-out specialist across NSW, different industry sectors benefit from our commercial fit-out capabilities.

Shop Fit-out

A shop fit-out is undertaken with the ultimate goal of helping a store sell. It should be in line with a brand’s image. Zencorp’s in-house design team creates dynamic designs that can enhance your store appeal and maximize customer engagement. Our shop fit-out can also involve securing provisions in order to showcase your products and future launches.

Office Fit-out

An office fit-out involves transforming an empty space into a usable office set-up. This could mean a variety of things such as adding features like windows, doors, ventilation, heating, and plumbing, among many others. With ergonomics and comfort in mind, our office fit-out is guaranteed to help employees be at their most productive.

Gym Fit-out

A killer gym fit-out can see loads of returning customers. Space arrangement should be functional and safe. Gym flooring should also be durable to be able to support different types of equipment. It is possible for function and great aesthetics to coexist. Lighting elevates the space, more so if you are able to integrate natural lighting to promote a feel-good atmosphere. If you’re going to sweat at all, it might as well be inside a nice workout space.

Warehouse Fit-out

Making the best use of space is vital in warehouse environments. We can help you with a warehouse fit-out that is safe and efficient with space. Proper lighting is also a must and should be suitable to the size and layout of the space. We can also assist you with flooring, partitioning, ceilings, and racking. Ultimately, a quality fit-out job can translate into efficiency in your supply chain.

Industrial Units Fit-out

Adding partition walls greatly help in creating barriers against dust, moisture or noise that can affect productivity in industrial settings. Partitioning is also useful for segregating areas, creating corridors, or providing additional storage space for your products. In these environments, following building regulations such as achieving fire rating standards is necessary.

Australian-owned and with 15 years of experience, Zencorp’s dedicated commercial fit-out arm can help transform your space into a functional and stylish one. Whether you require a full office fit-out or a living space refurbishment, Zencorp can get the job done. Call us now for an obligation-free consultation!